31 mai 22

KIA Niro: Sustainability in three dimensions

With a choice of three electrified powertrains, the new KIA Niro reclaims its place at the forefront of the EV switchover. Adorned with ecological materials and advanced connectivity, complemented by a stress-free driving experience, this popular crossover stands out in the crowded compact SUV segment.   

The all-new KIA Niro is a child of its time and smooths the transition towards future electrification for every customer imaginable. With a trio of electrified powertrains, our redesigned compact crossover meets the complex needs of today's eco-conscious drivers - whether these are still hesitant or convinced early adopters of low and zero emission mobility -, whilst addressing the green credentials of company fleets.

Knowing when to go electric

The two hybrid versions, one regular and one pluggable, combine an electric motor with the exceptional 1.6 GDI Smartstream engine. The combined power for the first is 141 PS, while the second tops 183 PS and adds an electric-only range up to 65 km.

Taking location guidance from the navigation system, both hybrids are entrusted with a Green Zone Drive Mode, enabling them to switch automatically to electric-only driving in designated areas like schools or hospitals.

But the most intrinsic version for Kia's fast growing eco-friendly line-up, which will include 14 BEVs by 2027, is the Niro EV. Equipped with a lithium-ion battery pack of 64.8kWh, this near-silent all-electric crossover can cover 463km on a single charge. A suitable DC charger can reach a 10-80% SoC in 43 minutes.

Shared by every powertrain is a comfortable yet responsive and effortless drive, turning every journey into an enjoyable experience thanks to an all-new architecture.     

Extension of living space

KIA didn't design the Niro as a temporary vessel for movement. The front passenger can relax thanks to the resting function of his seat, the driver enjoys a clutter-free dashboard and slim front seats provide rear passengers with extra room. Together with the multi-mode touch displays, these conveniences turn this crossover into a functional extension of living space.

And we made sure it's a sustainable living space crafted around ecological materials, such as vegan free leather, water-based paint and recycled wallpaper or fibres. 

As an additional benefit, the Niro comes equipped with an extensive suite of ADAS systems called DriveWise. Automatic braking avoids frontal collisions or bumping into crossing traffic at junctions. Exceeding the speed limit or detecting driver drowsiness results in an audible warning, there's lane-keeping on the highway, cameras front and back, and this list is far from exhaustive. Did you know that the customer can autonomously straight park the Niro with the ease of the key fob?       

Find out which of the Kia Niro's fits your fleet at www.kiamotors.com.