18 nov 22

Launch of 3FS – 3rd millennium Fleet System  

3FS, the innovative integrated fleet system for car rental industry, is now ready to be accessed via cloud, subscribing the SaaS – Software as a Service agreement that can be automatically recalled and managed.

Through 3FS, the whole range of operational, commercial, accounting, financial, fiscal and statutory fulfilments can be easily accomplished, just paying for the needed utilization.

3FS covers all the fleet management processes, starting from the car suppliers Agreements definition, following with Rotation, Orders, In-fleeting, Maintenance, until the vehicles final Disposal, having all the Accounting and Finance fulfilments, including in-life duties like Road Taxes, Insurance, Equipment, Fines, Thefts, Maintenance and Damages; all perfectly integrated and harmonized.

All needed data are acquired just once and are easily accessible in real time following a strict workflow that simplifies and checks end user operations, avoiding redundancies and so improving efficiency and reducing costs. 

Agreement, Order and Disposal rules and conditions for direct Purchases, Operating and Financial Leases, also including Securitization, are appropriately managed with every possible Discount, Rebate and Buy-Back clause. 

A Machine Learning algorithm analyses the past Vehicle Utilizations to generate the Target Operational Fleet, which drives the automatic Rotation optimization to schedule Orders and Disposals needed to obtain best Profit, effective Holding Periods and lowest Holding Costs, always complying with Agreement rules, Market and Financial conditions and Operational limitations. 

Expected Purchase Prices and Holding Costs are calculated since the negotiation with Car Suppliers; then, they are known even before the vehicle acquisition, allowing the automatic check and reconciliation of the invoiced amounts.

Sale and Buy-Back invoices are automatically issued and registered.

Cash Flow and Statement of Account of Payables and Receivables are issued as well.

Following the overall view of 3FS modules.

3FS matches all vehicle data with Agreement rules and market conditions, giving Disposal Lists and driving the users to accomplish any required fulfilment, issuing the provided fiscal documents and managing all the related Account and Financial processes. 

Statutory and managerial reports, including Inventory, are automatically produced according to country laws and company needs.

3FS is now ready to use! 

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