18 déc 23

Orange helps Applus+ manage its international fleet on one platform

Applus+, the global inspection, testing and certification specialist, has tasked Orange with developing an end-to-end solution to remotely monitor and easily manage its 5,000-strong, 24-country fleet.

In the new configuration developed by Orange, Applus+ vehicles will feature telematics devices that provide real-time information on the location, routes and other driving parameters of the vehicle, including its load and the identity of the driver. The configuration can be adapted to each vehicle’s specific type and requirements.

The system is supported by both the CalAmp CTC cloud platform (a.k.a. the CalAmp Telematics Cloud), and the CalAmp Fleet Telematics platform. According to Orange, the biggest challenge of the project is to consolidate information from different sources, and with business cases that can be specific to the various countries of origin.

To manage this effectively, Orange proposed an integration scheme that is both flexible and scalable, allowing Applus+ to manage all of its telemetry, maintenance and renting contracts globally on a single platform.

Data integration for efficiency

“We are very satisfied with Orange’s solution”, says Montse Empze, CPO of Applus+ Group. “It allows us to efficiently and safely manage our vehicle fleets across different countries and in different conditions. Thanks to the integration of telematics data from different sources, we can optimise the use, maintenance and control of our vehicles, as well as improve safety and service to our customers.”

“Prior to the Orange solution, we had to manage the telematics data of our vehicle fleets using different providers and different systems. This generated a lot of problems and costs. With this new solution, we have been able to integrate and unify all our data on a single platform, which has made it much easier for us to control and optimise our vehicles.”

Picture copyright: Orange, 2023.


Authored by: Steven Schoefs