24 juin 22

Samsara to deliver a deep understanding of fleet connectivity

Prolonged supply chain disruptions are increasing pressure on fleets to become sustainable and reduce costs. Yet, most are unaware of the significance of connectivity for their operations and how to apply them. 

Samsara, a pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud, is set to answer some of the most critical questions fleet managers have about connectivity at a Feet Europe Webinar, taking place on 29 June.

Save your seat...

Martin Bain, Sr Director of EMEA Enterprise Sales and Victor Gonzales, Head of EMEA Solution Engineering at Samsara, will provide critical insights into the revolutionary effects of digital transformation for fleets and a guide on how to adopt technology to achieve business efficiency.  Here's a little taster or what you'll hear:

90% of organisations are working on digital transformation

Connected technologies emerge as a powerful solution against supply chain disruption and other challenges organisations face. It does so by empowering them to assess and respond based on real-time data, increasing resilience and profitability. 

Advances in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are enabling physical operations to transform into connected ones, providing full visibility while increadsing efficiency, sustainability and safety. 

The 2022 Samsara State of Connected Operations Report  reached out to over 1,500 organisations in eight countries a found that connectivity in business operations was the single most successful initiative across the board. Investing in digital technology has increased net profit for 91% of the organisations, and the adoption of advanced technologies such as AI and automation has bolstered the performance in industrial operations: 

  • 95% of the organisations have increased employee retention by applying AI and automation, 
  • Improving workplace safety and easy-to-use technology have bolstered recruitment and employee retention by 56% and 54%, respectively. 

As a result, 90% of the organisations in the Samsara survey have implemented AI and automation or plan to apply them by 2023. 

At this seminar - what's in it for you? 

The most important question, right! Despite remarkable results achieved through digital technologies, the 2022 Samsara Report also discovered that a minor portion of organisations had applied a higher level of digital maturity. 

Mr Bain and Mr Gonzales have put connectivity under the microsocope to answer the most urgent questions and help fleet managers form their path towards implementing connectivity for their fleets, such as:

  • What is the impact of technology on fleet operations? 
  • How should fleets implement digital transformation to achieve results? 
  • What are the most prominent digital technologies fleets are using? 
  • How can connected technology help me electrify the fleet?
  • Why is it critical for fleets to act now? 

Join the Fleet Europe Webinar with Samsara to benefit from this one-time opportunity to pinpoint the steps to achieving fleet efficiency. Register here

The first in-article image shows Martin Bain, Sr Director of EMEA Enterprise Sales at Samsara,
The second in-article image shows Victor Gonzales, Head of EMEA Solution Engineering at Samsara.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen