1 nov 21

“Select a partner with an open platform approach”

This year, Geotab is the sponsor of the European Connected Fleets Manager of the Year category at the 2021 Fleet Europe Awards. This year’s award ceremony will take place, in Brussels on November 10th, at a presentation following the Fleet Europe Summit. Ivan Lequerica, Vice President, South & West Europe, Geotab shares his insights into the connected fleet.

But before that, following last year’s virtual event, tickets are selling fast for the 2021 in-person summit. There are still a few left so here’s the link for more information and to get your hands on those last few tickets: Fleet Europe Summit

What are the hard and soft wins of a connected fleet for the fleet manager, drivers and the company?

All fleets have different goals but generally, the hard win, across the board, is the ability to leverage insights that will help better inform decisions for improved safety, productivity and sustainability. The soft win is that connected fleet technology can help make a fleet manager and a driver's job easier, improving morale and driver retention.

What’s your primary advice to fleet managers who want to start the connected fleet journey?

I advise selecting a partner with an open platform approach because it offers expandability. With an open platform, fleets can integrate other hardware accessories, software and mobile apps to gain greater efficiency and insights into their operations. Also, consider a partner that is prepared for changes in the industry like EVs, OEM telematics, AI and machine learning.

What do you hope to see with the finalists of this year’s Fleet Europe Awards?

The transportation industry is evolving quickly. I would like to see finalists capitalising on the emerging trends, such as sustainability, and applying those to new fleet solutions to help advance companies in their mission to reduce their environmental footprint and help combat climate change.

Image of Ivan Lequerica, Vice President, South & West Europe, Geotab, courtesy of Geotab.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway