26 mai 21

SHARE NOW and Fixico set up damage repair partnership

Car-sharing specialists SHARE NOW and Fixico, a digital platform for car damage repair, are setting up an international partnership for handling car damage repair. 

Today’s cars are technologically way more advanced even than the vehicles of no more than a decade ago. 

Complex repairs
And that also has implications for damage repair, which is turning more complex, specialised, and costly. That also goes for EVs, by the way.

Since a growing number of repairs can no longer be completed by your normal body shop, more time goes into allocating the right service for each particular type of damage. That threatens to stretch both the cost and the downtime for the vehicle involved. 

If you operate a corporate fleet or a rental fleet, this issue can seriously affect the utilisation rate of your vehicles. And that’s the very issue that the partnership between SHARE NOW and Fixico aims to address. 

Intelligent matchmaking
Fixico’s digital platform works with an intelligent ‘matchmaking’ solution, which links the type of damage to the right type of specialist. By integrating that solution into its service, SHARE NOW has access to a large network of certified repairers, and can now ensure that each type of damage is handled by a qualified body repairer.  

Its partnership with Fixico allows SHARE NOW to streamline workflow, speed up repair handling and improve allocation and quality assurance. 

"By providing a central integrated platform, we make it possible for SHARE NOW to quickly expand fleet operations to new regions, leveraging Fixico's European network of repair shops," said Derk Roodhuyzen de Vries, CEO of Fixico.

Centralised solution
“The centralised solution allows the platform to be integrated into different SHARE NOW locations with diverse and electric fleets,” remarked Jan Krusche, Head of Damage Management at SHARE NOW.

SHARE NOW is one of five mobility services to emerge from the joint venture between BMW and Daimler. Its free-floating car-sharing solution is available in 16 European cities, with around 11,000 vehicles (including 2,900 electric ones – SHARE NOW operates purely electric fleets in four locations). 

Fixico’s digital car repair management platform provides access to a network of over 2,500 body repair shops across seven countries. Fixico’s services are used by more than 150 leading rental-, fleet-, lease-, and insurance companies.

(Image: Shutterstock)

Authored by: Frank Jacobs