17 déc 21

Significant growth in fleet management for Geotab in 2021

As increasingly more fleets began to embrace telematics and new technologies, 2021 proved to be a busy year for Geotab. Technical Support Specialist Leo Gimenez explains how Geotab has formed 20 new partnerships and offered 27 new and enhanced solutions in the past 12 months. 

The increased demand made itself visible in fleet management, where Geotab introduced seven new solutions, followed by driver management and training, cameras and ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems). 

Gimenez says the lead requests has witnessed an 8% increase in 2021, compared to 2020, while the top five product categories that have emerged are: 

  • Cameras & ADAS
  • Asset & trailer tracking 
  • Routing & dispatch 
  • Fleet management 
  • Maintenance & diagnostics 

Gimenez explained that these solutions come under the connected sensors and compliance concept, providing high-quality services and regulatory compliance. Connected sensors enable a range of data to be gathered and analyzed to prevent overloaded deliveries, plus assist drivers with advanced warning systems and monitor tyre performance in fleets. 

The compliance concept aims to offer driver profiling, training and coaching, plus vehicle safety checks, via hardware and software solutions, which also enable the enforcement of a fleet-specific mobile device policy. 

Better performance with better fleet management

According to Gimenez, fleet management is a more diverse category with more performance indicators, motivating Geotab to increase the operational efficiency of industrial, commercial and corporate fleets by providing comprehensive fleet management solutions.

Important cost and performance indicators, such as fuel management, maintenance, diagnostics and route optimization, are the other categories that witnessed growth in 2021. Fuel management has been improved by cloud-based solutions that gather real-time data to track fuel consumption and performance measurement, which can then inform driver training for increased efficiency. 

"Solutions for monitoring staff, tracking inventories and digitizing documents have also increased the accountability and profitability of fleets, as well as helping with workflows and damage detection," says Gimenez. 

Defying congestion has been another critical issue in 2021 as routing and dispatch solutions helped create reliable routes through advanced navigation technology using commercial location data. Thus, fleets can reroute around congestion, roads restricted for trucks and use digital and audio guidance. 

What are the plans for 2022? 

Geotab will continue furnishing its marketplace with new solutions during 2022. "EV" and "Insurance" are the new categories added to the Geotab marketplace, Gimenez states. 

"The Hub" will also appear in the Geotab marketplace as an informative platform to provide information about all Geotab's partners, solutions, and industry topics. 

Two other updates are dubbed Hotjar and Whatfix. The first offers a direct feedback channel to the marketplace team, and the latter helps users navigate the marketplace quickly. With the new interface, the Geotab marketplace will ease finding the correct solution and all its benefits. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen