21 sep 22

Solera Fleet Solutions aims to maximise efficiency through data intelligence

Amid the prolonged supply shortages and increasing energy prices, fleet managers need an ultimate solution to eliminate uncertainty and make the best use of the technologies they are adapting. Solera, the provider of vehicle life-cycle management software-as-a-service, data and services, announced Solera Fleet Solutions to address the rising problem of fleets. 

Fleet management is becoming more hectic than ever, as fleet managers face unprecedented challenges in 2022, including skyrocketing energy prices, prolonging chip shortages and ongoing geopolitical problems. Yet, more challenges are emerging along with technological advances, which force fleet managers to pursue and adapt innovative technologies amid transforming electric vehicles (EVs) and setting up a connected fleet infrastructure to achieve sustainability. 

Not surprisingly, most fleet managers in Europe are not fond of 2022. Solera's recent research underlines this fact: 

  • 65% of the fleet managers say customer expectations have changed about the speed of deliveries. 
  • 79% of the fleet managers feel more pressure to make deliveries faster and more efficiently.
  • Perhaps most importantly, 68% of the fleet managers say they find it challenging to balance different technologies which are supposed to help them. 

To eliminate the confusion of emerging technologies and end the problems fleet decision-makers face in 2022, Solera launched the global end-to-end fleet management ecosystem, Solera Fleet Solutions, for the EMEA region at IAA. 

What's in the package? 

Solera Fleet Solutions includes three products to help fleet managers in their decision-making and implementation through the power of data intelligence: 

Solera Protect

  • Designed for small and mid-sized fleets, Solera Protect analyses driver behaviour and provides coaching.
  • The video-safety solution enables small fleets to understand what is happening on the road and why? 
  • The video solution also aims to help fleets in legal actions and avoid fraudulent claims. 
  • Solara Protect aims to reduce vehicle downtime costs of legal actions and protect brand reputation. 

Solera Mentor

  • Helps fleets to reduce collisions, license violations, CO2 emissions and TCO through driver behaviour-based safety programs. 
  • Detects unwanted driver behaviour and fixes it by in-app micro-training coaching through rewards and gamification. 
  • Solera Mentor reduces collisions by up to 67% and avoids damages and costs related to accidents. 

Solera Roadnet Anywhere 

  • A SaaS software powered up by advanced algorithms, Roadnet Anywhere (RNA) allows fleets to optimise their last-mile logistic operations' costs and resources. 
  • Allows fleets to optimise their last-mile routes through RNA's advanced algorithms, which analyse data from costs to customer service and seasonality. 
  • Enables fleets to optimise routes to complete deliveries with fewer drivers. 

Solving the problems of a decade

The Solera research conducted Censuswide between August 26 and September 1 included 1,523 fleet managers across Europe. According to the survey, the biggest challenges fleet managers are concerned about are: 

  • Fuel costs (59%). 
  • Driver shortages (31%).
  • Global recession (22%).

Mark Tiana, Solera VP of Fleet Solutions, says, "Fleets are facing the greatest challenges in a decade", and they need technology to help them solve these issues, not get in the way. "That's why we are launching Solera Fleet Solutions in EMEA – to provide fleets with meaningful insights that make fleet managers' and drivers' jobs and lives easier, improving efficiency and the bottom line."

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen