9 oct 19

Successfully using technology to drive Mobility Intelligence forward

Artificial Intelligence is a crucial enabler of new services and products in fleet and mobility. Nicola Veratelli, CEO, Octo and Yves Bonnefont, CEO, DS Automobiles, will share their views on AI at the 2019 Fleet Europe Summit.

The 2019 Fleet Europe Summit takes place in Estoril, Portugal on 6-7 November. A limited number of tickets is still available!

On 7 November, a session of the Main Stage Sessions will be dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. Indeed, leveraging technology, connectivity and artificial intelligence are key when large quantities of data need to be analysed. That’s precisely what's needed for CASE: the Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric mobility future. Through AI, processes will get smarter, fleets more cost-effective and mobility cheaper and safer.

Nicola Veratelli is Chief Executive Officer at Octo, a global insurance telematics provider, delivering analytics and connected car solutions to the automotive industry as well as to large car rental and fleet sectors. The perfect background to present how AI can unlock the benefits of intelligent mobility.

The second speaker in this session will be Yves Bonnefont, CEO at DS Automobiles, the premium brand of the PSA Group. In his presentation, Mr Bonnefont will detail how technology is used by car manufacturers to create brand success in the 21st century.

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Image: Nicola Veratelli (left), CEO, Octo and Yves Bonnefont (right), CEO, DS Automobiles

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck