12 mai 22

Want to reduce your TCO? Connect your fleet and join IFMI on 24 May!

“How Connecting Your Fleet Will Bring TCO Reduction”: that’s the title of the IFMI Connected session on 24 May, the second of four dedicated virtual sessions in which the International Fleet Management Institute (IFMI) explores how your fleet management can benefit from connectivity. Don’t miss it!

Hit emission targets. Ensure business continuity. And last but not least, reduce TCO. That, in a nutshell, is the triple task every corporate fleet manager faces. Connectivity is an excellent tool for each of those targets.

In fleet management, connectivity rhymes with efficiency. The telematics that underpins connected vehicles helps us understand, measure, monitor and manage such key fleet aspects as safety, sustainability, last-mile mobility, but most of all – cost.

Cost is key

Cost remains the key element in fleet management, which makes all other things possible… or impossible.

  • In other words: connectivity is crucial, because it gives you the Big Data that helps you increase fleet efficiency, which in turn helps you reduce your fleet’s running cost and TCO.
  • In fewer words: want to reduce your TCO? Connect your fleet!

That is why IFMI has launched the IFMI Connected Masterclass series. IFMI is since many years dedicated to provide international fleet managers with the knowledge they need to take their fleet management practice to the next level.

The new IFMI Connected sessions - with partners Arval, MiX Telematics, Geotab and OviDrive - will show how your business can benefit from connected technology, and how you can establish a connected fleet that will generate value for your drivers and your company.

Join us on 24 May, when the second IFMI Connected session takes. Registration is free. However, the session is reserved for corporate fleet and mobility managers only.

Here is the programme:

2 pm (CET): Welcome
By Steven Schoefs, Editor-in-Chief, Fleet Europe

2:10 pm (CET): Which data does your fleet need?
By Lisa Henshaw, Head of Customer Success, MiX Telematics

  • Use data to set the baseline for your fleet management
  • Select the right data to reach your strategy goals
  • Take the right fleet decisions based on data and data intelligence

2:35 pm (CET): How to calculate the true cost of fleet connectivity
By Agnès Van de Walle, Arval Connect Director, Arval

  • Understand the cost structure of connected technology 
  • Calculate the ROI of connected technology for the company
  • Minimise the cost of a connected fleet

3:00 pm (CET): Make sure you benefit from a connected fleet
By Yves Helven, CEO, OviDrive

  • Which benefits to expect from data-driven fleet management
  • Seize the benefits of data-driven fleet management - in the short, medium, and long term
  • Engage regional and local stakeholders and employees and overcome local hurdles

3:25 pm (CET): How to maximise the value of your connected fleet
By Francois Denis - Country Manager France, Geotab and Elena Ion - Senior Account Trainer Europe, Geotab

  • Assess and monitor the impact of connectivity on fleet & mobility management
  • Make sure the ROI of a connected fleet you expect is realised, both on the medium and long term
  • Maximise the value of your connected fleet

3:45 pm (CET): A connected fleet is an efficient fleet – Your questions, please!
With IFMI partners and moderated by Steven Schoefs, Editor-in-Chief, Fleet Europe, and followed by Q&A session with the audience.

Authored by: Steven Schoefs