3 juin 19

Webinar: The Electronic Horizon - What’s next in fleet telematics

By 2022, the number of active fleet telematics systems deployed in Europe’s commercial vehicles will be nearly 16 million. However, how do you get the most from your telematics systems? Nick Kelter, Director of Product Management, HERE, discussed this topic during a Fleet Europe webinar on 29 May 2019.

You can watch the recorded version of the webinar, or continue to the summary below.

“Telematics can help achieve SLAs and calculate better ETAs,” said Mr Kelter. Route optimisation is a first important step in this process.

Operational costs can also benefit from the deployment of telematics, as can driver training and behaviour management. Real-time input and feedback from telematics helps improve safety, another important advantage of this new technology.

Mr Kelter outlined the four key phases in fleet management:
1. Planning in advance
2. Monitoring while on the move (dispatcher)
3. The driver - who needs support while on the move
4. Analysis of driver behaviour (back office)


In the planning phase, the fleet manager needs information about locations, traffic and weather - based on historical data, forecasts or on the real-time situation. The routing algorithms can use these attributes and many more to calculate the optimum route, taking into account toll costs, geofencing, fleet connectivity and any other criteria that may be needed.

“A plan is only as good as the data you have when you make the plan,” said Mr Kelter. Situations and data can change, so you need to be ready to adapt your plans along the way.

Traffic changes constantly, but weather, additional orders and many other parameters are prone to change and throw a spanner in the works of your plan. The art is to adapt the plan flexibly without putting the driver at risk and without putting planned orders at risk.

HERE proposes a series of solutions that can serve to optimise fleet management, including HERE Geocoder, HERE Geofencing, HERE Traffic & Weather, HERE Speed Limits and HERE Mobile SDKs.

Watch the recorded webinar for more on how telematics can assist you.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck