17 mar 22

Why “connected” is the future for fleet

One of the most prominent themes in fleet this year (2022) is connectivity. It keeps coming up again and again - whether in terms of IoT, vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, e-mobility - it’s a hot topic. But what does it mean in practical terms for corporate fleet managers going forward?

If you search the word “connected” on Fleet Europe, our system will return 2,697 articles in which that word is mentioned. A search for “connected fleet” delivers almost 1,500 results. “Connectivity” delivers around 1,000.

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Overcoming the zero emission zone barrier

In the meantime, a company that operates a 300-strong fleet for a city council in the UK has used connectivity (specifically telematics) to make the switch to electric vehicles, identifying which diesel vehicles could be switched to EVs using “real world” conditions. In the process, they’ve also found other uses for the technology to help significantly cut fleet costs. Read the full article here….

Free after-market data under threat

Elsewhere in Europe, free access to connected car data has become something of a battleground for the renewal of of Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation (MV-BER). The regulation, which governs distribution and maintenance of vehicles in Europe, is about the expire and stakeholders in the aftermarket, alongside leasing and rental companies, are worried about the effect this will have. Read the full article here…

Using data to overcome the supply chain crisis

Saban Tekedereli, Procurement & Category Manager Fleet Europe at Securitas, manages a fleet of 13,500 vehicles across Europe. One of his most recent responsibilities has been to establish a workable strategy for overcoming the supply chain crisis while at the same time clearing a path to sustainability. He recently sat down with Fleet Europe and revealed critical details about his mission. Read the full article here….

Using data to overcome city restrictions

Cities are increasingly becoming “no-go zones” for vehicles larger than scooters or bicycles. Many have introduced traffic bans, low emission zones, pedestrianised areas and many more initiatives that render vehicles as welcome as mosquitos inside the net! Fleet Europe has found several schemes fleet operators are using to overcome city restrictions and in which data is playing a key role. Read the full article here….

Experts give us the lowdown on how to extract value from data

Connected vehicle data, fleet data, telematics, Internet of Things, intelligent transport systems, there’s so much data around but does any fleet manager really fully understand its potential? Fleet Europe caught up with experts from leading players in fleet data and asked how to unlock telematics and data for the benefit of the connected fleet. Read the full article here….

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Authored by: Alison Pittaway