7 nov 19

Will telematics and AI make the fleet manager obsolete?

How to successfully use technology to support Mobility Intelligence: a big title for the third main stage session at today’s Fleet Europe Summit in Estoril - one that delivered on its promise.

Edwin Colella from Octo Telematics made it very clear that the predictive capabilities of AI depends directly on the amount and the quality of data available. By way of example, he explained how a car sharing service can use AI for dynamic pricing to steer occupancy, active fleet repositioning to ensure availability and hence profitability and customer satisfaction, and finally smart digital identification of the driver to ensure a smooth operation.

Editor in chief and moderator of the day Steven Schoefs raised a disruptive question: will the fleet manager lose his job when telematics and AI are in place? Even though he is a great believer in the potential of data, Mr Colella is convinced that humans will keep their added value. “Look at stock brokers: they use very advanced analytics to guide them towards buying or selling, but it is their knowhow and experience that determines the decision. Likewise, AI provides you with in-depth information on your fleet, but it’s still up to the fleet manager to act upon this information.”

Authored by: Dieter Quartier