16 oct 23

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure”

At the Fleet Europe Awards, on 23 November in Lisbon, we’ll find out who is the European Connected Fleets Manager of the Year. What we do already know, is that this awards is sponsored by Geotab, as it was last year. Why? Because Geotab passionately believes in the power of telematics to improve the performance of fleets, explains Ivan Lequerica, Geotab’s Vice President for South & West Europe.

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Why do international fleets need to invest in telematics? And is it also a solution for smaller fleets?

“At Geotab, we have a saying: You can’t manage what you don’t measure. That’s especially important when you have a large international fleete and need to standardize performance for each vehicle in every country. Telematics provides access to a rich source of intelligent data that maximises information on route planning, vehicle performance, driver behaviour, sustainability, and safety.”

“Given the many advantages of telematics, more and more operators are realizing the positives it can bring to their fleets – especially when they transition to EVs. Many will operate a hybrid fleet as they transition, with a mix of ICE vehicles and EVs. Understanding how to optimise performance with this kind of vehicle meix is vital for maintaining an efficient fleet.”

“Just one example: Enterprise Fleet Management. They ran a Geotab Electric Vehicle Suitability Assesment, which demonstrated that more than one in 10 of their vehicles could switch to electric, based on range and operating performance. This saved the company more than $33 million a year.”

“Geotab now has more than 3.7 million connected vehicles with over 47,000 customers around the world. These range from the largest fleet operators to the smallest. For more than 20 years, we have honed our expertise to get the best performance from every sized fleet, large or small, in multiple business sectors to maximise the performance of their fleet operations.”

What would you say is today’s top trend in connected fleet technology and how does Geotab respond to it? 

“Undoubtedly, the AI revolution. Artificial Intelligence is transforming the way we understand fleets. Specifically, generative AI is bringing about a paradigm shift in the industry, as it has an extraordinary ability to create new and original content from learned patterns.” 

“Geotab is committed to innovation. That’s why we launched Project G, a platform based on generative AI that allows users to analyse large amounts of data from fleets in plain language. You can explore the data by asking simple questions, such as: Which vehicle in my fleet has the most idling time? Or: What was the most fuele-efficient vehicle last month? Project G helps to identify patterns and generate recommendations to optimise efficiency and operational performance.”

“At Geotab, we process more than 55 billion data points every day. At Geotab, we process more than 55 billion data points every day. We can use this information to help fleets make intelligent decisions about their fleet behaviour. But generative AI takes data interpretation to the next level, allowing companies of all sizes to make more sense of their fleet information.”

What would be your main tip to fleet customers that are on the verge of starting a connected fleet? 

“That fleets of all sizes, from very large to very small, can benefit from telematics. Enterprise Fleet Management is just one example in the leasing and rental market. According to Statista, the last-mile delivery market is set to almost double in size between 2020 and 2027, from $108 to $200 billion. Utilities are also ripe for expansion, as more and more companies switch to EV solutions.”

“My advice to anyone looking for connected fleet solutions would be to invest in vehicles with OEM telematics. An increasing number of new vehicles today come with integrated, pre-installed telematics systems from the OEMs. Those systems are far less complex to set up, compared to aftermarket devices. To provide our customers with the best way to use these services, we offer MyGeotab, an open platform that gives them seamless access to deep, proprietary OEM data, as well as maintaining a source of data for all their fleet and asset needs.”

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Image: LinkedIn