24 oct 19

Arthur Chaumuzeau, Michelin: "Mobility is a different ball game"

Michelin was created in 1889. Born as a tyre manufacturer, Michelin has become a mobility service and technology specialist that can benefit from its expertise, long experience and global scope to develop its knowhow regarding connected mobility. Knowhow and expertise is also at the centre of the 2019 Fleet Europe Hall of Fame Award, sponsored by Michelin. Three questions to Arthur Chaumuzeau, Business Segment Manager for Passenger & LCV Fleets at Michelin. 

  1. What is to know about trends impacting fleet and mobility management optimization?
    "From our perspective, the main disruption is coming from the relationship employees and companies have to their cars, from an asset to a service. We see the fleet managers’ mission evolving towards mobility management, which is a rather different ball game and will requires fleets and their service providers to structure differently in the future."

  1. Why is Michelin sponsoring the Fleet Europe Hall of Fame Award 2019 ?
    "Beyond the opportunity for us to be associated to greatest professionals of fleet and mobility management, it is above all a way to acknowledge and pay tribute to the expertise and know-how of international fleet managers and their dedication to an objective we share with them: the improvement of Mobility."

  1. What is to know for fleet and mobility customer in terms of a new Michelin product or solution that will contribute to the fleet manager profession in 2020 ?
    "In 2020, several new offers will reach their market maturity, both in terms of products with new tyres for light commercial vehicles, combining low rolling resistance and high mileage, and services with several connected solutions addressing the digital monitoring of tyre wear.

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Authored by: Steven Schoefs