6 juil 23

Growth and Innovation at GEOTAB Partner Day in Paris

GEOTAB's core business model revolves around partnerships, primarily with an extensive reseller network, but also with other key players in the automotive ecosystem. The Partner Day event held in Paris provided an excellent opportunity for Francois Denis, the company's French Managing Director, to showcase their accomplishments and unveil their latest innovations.

Volumes and Penetration

During the event, GEOTAB cited data from the "ARVAL Mobility Observatory 2023" to compare telematics penetration rates across Europe and globally. While France's 35% penetration may be slightly lower than the EU average of 44%, it can be attributed to stringent data privacy regulations, as well as some resistance from trade unions and workers' councils. These factors align France's penetration rate with countries facing similar restrictions, such as Germany, which stands at 37% penetration. Regardless, GEOTAB proudly announced its position as the global leader in the sector, with 3.6 million connected vehicles and the processing of 55 billion data points daily.

Project G: AI-powered Insights

Among the exciting innovations unveiled at the Partner Day, GEOTAB introduced "Project G," a revolutionary deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) aimed at simplifying and accelerating the access to valuable insights. By harnessing the power of natural language models, Project G promises to transform the analysis of fleet data into a seamless and intuitive experience. Currently in its Beta version, this tool offers fleet managers a conversational and user-friendly interface to interact with complex data. For example, a fleet manager can now ask questions like, "How many electric vehicles have been added to the fleet in 2023?" and receive immediate answers without the need to download reports.

Geotab and Lytx: "Surfsight" Video Solution

Expanding its range of products and services, GEOTAB announced a new video solution in collaboration with Lytx. The "Surfsight" in-cabin camera, a compact and powerful device, can be easily installed on a vehicle's windscreen. The primary objective of integrating video capabilities into GEOTAB's telematics data collection is to enhance driver safety. The Surfsight camera can proactively identify potential risks, ultimately leading to improved accident rates for GEOTAB's clients.

OEM Collaborations

Recognizing the importance of data integration, GEOTAB highlights the collaborative opportunities between telematics providers and car manufacturers. By utilizing their "MyGeotab" platform and associated cloud storage as a bridge between telematics and OEM data in a cloud-to-cloud model, valuable insights can be generated on utilization rates, electrification, and consumption, among other factors. The combined data will not only benefit OEMs but also leasing companies and fleet owners, providing them with valuable information for their operations.

Authored by: Yves Helven