21 mai 21

Alphabet sanitises its vehicles in Italy with Octo device

Alphabet Italia has chosen Octo Telematics as its partner for the implementation of a car sanitation system that will allow drivers and fleet managers to use their vehicles more safely.

In collaboration with Octo, Alphabet presents Alphabet CleanAir, the new automatic sanitation system for the cars in its fleet. The system relies on nanotechnology originally developed by NASA to eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi as well as odours and volatile organic compounds in order to make the use of vehicles safer, whether they belong to company car fleets, short- or medium-term rentals or corporate car sharing.

The Octo solution uses photocatalysis (PCO - Photocatalythic Oxidation), assisted by a bipolar ionisation system: the system, which is totally odourless, is active and effective in sanitising both the air in the passenger compartment and the surfaces exposed to contact with passengers. Unlike other technologies, it is completely harmless and guarantees the absence of negative effects on on-board fittings, as there is no production of ozone or other chemical agents harmful to living beings.

Picture copyright: Octo Telematics, 2021

Authored by: Dieter Quartier