10 oct 18
Fil d'Actus

Self-driving Range Rover drives on public roads in Coventry

A Range Rover Sport (pictured) has completed a lap of challenging roads around Coventry, England. The vehicle successfully handled junctions, slip roads and lane changes, all autonomously and at the 40mph (64kph) speed limit.

The trial is part of a £20m government-funded project, UK Autodrive, which ends this month after a three-year programme. Jaguar Land Rover engineers have completed significant self-driving technology testing on closed tracks before heading onto public roads in Milton Keynes and Coventry.

Mark Cund, Jaguar Land Rover Autonomous Vehicle Research Manager, said: “The Coventry Ring Road is known for its complicated slip roads and exits. It makes for very challenging conditions, especially when under pressure in the rush hour. Our self-driving car is not impacted by the same pressure, frustrations or fatigue that a driver may experience and so it’s capable of turning a potentially very stressful situation into a completely stress-free one.”

Image source: Jaguar Land Rover

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck