21 sep 22

Holman ‘greens’ entire security company fleet

Orbis Protect, a UK-based security company, has received the first 33 low-emission vehicles from fleet provider Holman. The aim is to replace the entire 210-vehicle fleet. "This will provide major savings," says Rory Mackinnon (pictured), sales director at Holman. 

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The first delivery consists of 33 Ford Transits (pictured below), all fitted with a Lightfoot telematics system, which monitors driving and encourages eco-friendly mobility. 

Trialling EVs

For selected vehicle models, and where payloads and routes allow, Orbis Protect is also trialling EVs. The switch to an entirely low-emission fleet should be complete by early 2023. A bonus of “greening” the fleet: fleet costs will also come down.

The finance lease agreement (with a three-year, 90,000-mile limit) between Holman and Orbis Protect will be supplied solely by Ford. The contract stipulates that the security company will be able to benefit from Holman’s entire suite of fleet solutions, including fleet management, inventory management, EV consultancy and de-fleeting services. 

In-house consultancy

“Our in-house consultancy gives business the confidence they need to implement sweeping changes to their business – changes that will provide major savings, both operational and environmental”, says Mr Mackinnon. 

The move towards lower emissions is not just about choosing eco-friendly models. Driver education is an important tool to ensure safer, greener and more cost-effective driving. 

Elite status

And so is telematics. Since trialling the Lightfoot system, 97% of Orbis Protect drivers have achieved ‘elite’ status in eco-driving, leading to an average saving on fuel of 18.2% per vehicle. 

As a result, the company should save around 1,232 tons of CO2 over the course of its three-year contract. As a further benefit, dangerous driving incidents have fallen by 100% since the start of the trial period. 

Images: Holman

Authored by: Frank Jacobs