7 mai 15

How to Achieve Efficiency in Fuel Management?

Introducing this webinar, Steven Schoefs, Chief Editor of Fleet Europe, notes that “typically, fuel represents 25 to 30% of total fleet cost in the more mature markets”. That's a big chunk out of any budget; meaning that even a slight improvement in efficiency will result in significant cost savings.

For this webinar, the first in by and for the International Fleet Managers Institute (IFMI), three experts weigh in on how efficient fuel management can identify and realise these cost savings.

Those experts are: Thor Konings, International Account Director at Athlon Car Lease International; Marc Van Eck, Regional Sales Manager at ALD International; and Brian Knight, Senior Business Partner Global Procurement Europe at Xerox Limited.

Each provides an insight into how – and how much - their own multinational company has  managed to save by zooming in on the inefficiencies of their existing fuel policies. Together, these stories add up to a very practical set of guidelines for your own fuel management.


The International Fleet Managers Institute (IFMI) has provided dedicated training aimed exclusively at international fleet customers for already 13 years, in partnership with industry leaders such as Arval, ALD International, Athlon International, LeasePlan International and BDO, and with the dedicated support of SEAT.


Thor Konings
International Account Director
Athlon Car Lease International
Marc Van Eck
Regional Sales Manager
ALD International
Brian Knight
Sr Business Partner Global Procurement Europe
Xerox Limited