16 fév 15

France plans for 7 million EV charging points

The innovation race in the auto industry is accelerating at an almost unbelievably rapid pace. There’s not a country in the world that wants to miss the train, and worldwide governments are investing in infrastructure to enable high tech cars to drive on their roads. The big players in the sector are delighted with this evolution, because there are growing signals that the car market is going to peak in the long run. Having a car is, for many young people, no longer an absolutely must, so the manufacturers do their best to develop an attractive car that can convince the next generation to buy a car. Each country is trying to find its own specialization, hoping to become a market leader in one or another segment of the market. The Netherlands, for example, wishes to become a testing ground for autonomous vehicles, but the French government has made another choice. Paris is banking on electric vehicles.

Thousands of charging points

You can hardly say that the French lack ambition. The country is ready so take a big step forward on the electric vehicles market. France aims to build 7 million filling points for Electric Vehicles, clearly realising it had fallen behind in the race to having these much talked-of EV’s on its roads. The government is working together with some large companies to build a network that will guarantee electric mobility French citizens. Energy groups EDF and Schneider Electric were immediately ready to join the program. While building the filling stations they’re working together with the car companies, especially with the French brands Peugeot and Renault. Industrial group Bolloré has already built a spare parts network for electric cars. 

Electric vehicles on the roadsooner than thought...?

The French are working as quickly as possible, because they fear that the electric vehicle for everyone will become reality sooner than may previously have been thought. So there’s no time to waste. In 2015 Autolib will install 4,000 charging points for EV’s within a radius of 50 km around Paris. Thanks to European subsidies, president Hollande also plans the building of the infrastructure necessary for EV’s along the borders. The result of all this is that the goal of reaching 7 million charging points should be reached somewhere around 2025.

Authored by: Tim Harrup