24 nov 17

Jose Luis Criado: "Changes are happening fast in Spain, especially through regulation"

Jose Luis Criado has more than 30 years experience in fleet management, leasing and mobility. For over 24 years he worked at LeasePlan, first as country manager of Spain, then he developed Southern Europe and LATAM and finally he was the Managing Director of LeasePlan International, position he held till end of 2016. That year he was inducted into the International Fleet Hall of Fame. Next to that he is the founding President of the Spanish Vehicle Leasing Association (A.E.R.).  Since 2017 he has returned to his independent consultancy life and recently has become a Strategic Partner of Connector. Jose Luis collaborated with Global Fleet to develop the Wikifleet Spain. We asked him about trends he sees on the vibrant Spanish market. 

What are the most striking facts of the last 5 years on the Spanish market and what impact do they have?
"Probably the most striking fact of the Spanish fleet market in the last few years, has been the speed at which the fleet market has shrank during the 2007 financial crisis when new vehicle deliveries were reduced by 50% in only two years, and the slow rate of recovery, as only in 2016 new deliveries reached the level of 2007."
"A second more positive fact has been the resilience of the Spanish fleet industry that has increased efficiency levels to reduce operational costs in order to meet their clients needs."

What piece of advice could you give international fleet managers about their fleet management in Spain?
"International fleet managers deciding on their Spanish vehicle fleets, should rely on the more experienced and more consultative approaches of operators. Changes are happening fast, especially through regulation and taxation. In tough times you could easily be tempted by the lowest upfront price, but following a TCO approach that is guaranteed by a contract for a certain period of time is better and normally more cost efficient. But know that not every market operator can handle that."

How do you expect to see the market evolve?
"After the financial crisis and the difficult economic times, Spain is today rapidly growing again and fleets are following this growth. But there is the announcement and implementation of car regulations in most bigger cities in the country. So it's recommendable to be prudent when it comes to long term vehicle choices as legislation and taxation can further change towards the promotion of emission-friendly mobility. Also it is wise to partner with an operator that is both flexible and strong enough in order to minimise risks and to leverage benefits from opportunities."

If you want more insight in the Fleet Market of Spain, consult the Wikifleet page.

Authored by: Steven Schoefs