5 jan 16

Italy: Stable growth in corporate fleet sales

In Italy the fleet market has driven the overall car market in the first months of 2015. The long-term rental fleet business has experienced a real boom in the first months of the year. The volume of renting has increased very much and has led to a positive result in the automobile sector.


After a good 2014 (+ 4.2%), the double-digit increases registered in first part of 2015 represent a wake up signal to the car market. But considerate should be remembered that the increase is due essentially to rental, the leading sector in the first two months of an unprecedented boom, with a strong impact on the domestic market.

Where company fleets are concerned, what is largely occurring is replacement of fleets by companies that, after extending the cycle from 36 to 48 months, and thanks to an improvement confidence, are now renewing. And while the company car sector is in good health, decreasing sales to private individuals are being observed. They previously accounted for 57.3% of market share.. This sector amounted in the first two months of 2015 to 40.1% of the total. This low level is equal to the 80s.


International players

The total turnover generated by the long-term rental companies in Italy, according to data from ANIASA, was 5.45 billion Euros in 2014, an increase of 3.7% on 2013. For 2015, industry forecasts are for further growth, as emphasized by the results of the first quarter: 1.4 million in revenues, up 5.6% from the same period last year. .Arval (BNP Paribas Group), is among the long-term rental companies in Italy recording the highest overall turnover of the sector in 2014: 1.307 billion Euros in revenues from rental contracts, activities of pre-leasing and used car sales. In second place is ALD Automotive with 1.037 billion: the company is the first in revenues from pre-leasing and rental to private individuals without VAT. In Italy, Arval and ALD Automotive are also the companies managing the largest fleets operating under long-term rental. The third position goes to Leasys, a subsidiary of FCA Bank, a banking operator created by Fiat in collaboration with France's Crédit Agricole, with 875 million Euros. LeasePlan (third largest fleet) is the operator with the highest revenues derived from government contracts.

In Italy, in the first half of 2015, vehicle registrations attributable to long-term rentals have reached, according to data UNRAE (National Union Representatives Vehicles Foreign), 13% of the total (+0.5 percentage points compared to the same period in 2014).

And it is an all-Fiat podium.: the Panda (pictured) is the car most purchased by companies for long-term rental, followed by 500L and 500. Still in the FCA group, the Jeep Renegade today wins the challenge with its ‘sister’ 500X. First place for a non-Italian car goes to the Volkswagen Golf. In the top 10, the Smart Forfour achieves more than 50% of its total sales in long-term rental.


Top 10 - Ranking for 2014 total revenue of the long-term rental companies
In brackets the change compared to 2013

  1. Arval 1.3074 billion Euros (+ 1.5%)
  2. ALDAutomotive 1,037,500,000 Euros (+ 3.3%)
  3. Leasys 874.5 million Euros (+ 15.3%)
  4. LeasePlan 806.9 million Euros (+ 1.9%)
  5. Alphabet 324.3 million Euros  (-11.7%)
  6. Volkswagen Leasing 290.5 million Euros  (+ 3.9%)
  7. Mercedes Benz CharterWay  205.2 million Euros (+ 2%)
  8. Car Server 198.1 million Euros (+ 10.9%)
  9. GE Capital of EUR 95.1 million Euros (-5.9%)
  10. Athlon Car Lease 93.8 million Euros (+ 22.1%)


Top 10 - Cars purchased by long-term lease companies in the first half of 2015

  1. Fiat Panda 8,797 units
  2. Fiat 500L 6,964 units
  3. Fiat 500 4,739 units
  4. Volkswagen Golf 3,732 units
  5. Smart Forfour 3,253 units
  6. Jeep Renegade 3,067 units
  7. Volkswagen Passat 3,030 units
  8. Renault Clio 2,672 units
  9. Fiat GranPunto 2,530 units
  10. Nissan Qashqai 2221 units


Authored by Giovanni Tortorici