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Awards for Fleet Managers 2018: here are the finalists

The Awards for Fleet Managers' final round starts today at Sixt SE in Munich, where the 11 finalists are presenting their fleet management project in front of the complete jury.  

This year again, five different Award’s categories reward the international fleet managers who have implemented new and innovative solutions and management improvement to the industry:

  • The European Fleet Manager of the Year goes to the person or the team with European responsibilities having most successfully developed an international fleet management strategy leading to an optimised TCO in line with corporate strategy.
  • The Global Fleet Manager of the Year rewards the person or the team, managing a fleet at global level and having most successfully developed a global fleet approach.
  • The International Fleet Mobility Award goes to a company which has successfully implemented a green project or initiative in efficient alternative mobility for its fleet.
  • International Fleet Safety Award recognises a project or programme that improves the safety of the drivers and limits incidents and accidents related to the vehicle fleet, whilst taking into account cost optimisation.
  • The International Fleet Innovation Award will reward a project in specific field of fleet management if the jury decides that this initiative stands out in the field of innovation and can be an inspiration for fleet management optimisation on a wider scale.

Discover the 2018 finalists:

The AbbVie Fleet Center of Excellence (CoE) represented by Steve Bair
Role: Global Fleet Services Manager, Abbvie
Sector: Bio Pharma
Responsible for: 8,513 vehicles

Sarit Barzel
Role:  Strategic Sourcing, Category Manager, Intel
Sector: IT
Responsible for: 4,500 vehicles

Franz Fehlner
Role: Global Category Leader Fleet Management & Services, Allianz Technology SE
Sector: Finance
Responsible for: 28,000 vehicles

Laura Gobbis
Role: Travel and Fleet Procurement Manager, Luxottica
Sector: Eyewear manufacturing and distribution
Responsible for: more than 2,000 vehicles

Heiko Groesch
Role: Manager Fleet EMEA, Goodyear Dunlop Tires
Sector: Tyre company
Responsible for: 6,508 vehicles

Ferenc Hegedus
Role: Global Category Lead, Car Lease, Rental and Ground Transportation, IBM
Responsible for: 20,275 vehicles

Maaike Hofwijk – Van Hemmen
Role:Fleet Manager Europe and Global Fleet OEM lead, G4S
Sector: Safety & Security
Responsible for: 26,000 vehicles

Ricardo Koevoet & Karin Vermulst
Role: Procurement Team Lead Fleet Europe & Procurement Team Lead Fleet Europe, ABB
Sector: technology
Responsible for: 13,500 vehicles

Almy Sousa Magalhaes
Role: Global Procurement Executive Fleet, E-Commerce  & Distribution, Philips Morris International
Sector:    Tobacco 
Responsible for: 22,930 vehicles

David Omodei
RoleSr. Procurement Engagement Manager Fleet, Microsoft
Sector: IT
Responsible for: 9,195 vehicles

Christine Siroux
Role: Travel & Fleet Manager EMEA, Ingersoll Rand
Sector: Industrial
Responsible for: 9,097 vehicles

The winners of the 2018 Fleet Europe Awards will be celebrated on November 28 during the Fleet Europe Summit in Barcelona. Registration are still open!

Follow Fleet Europe during this intense jury meeting.

Authored by: Céline Gilson