25 oct 17

Implementing your strategy, delivering your savings

TraXall International is a multi-country Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, specialising in fleet management, administration, consultancy and multi-supplier procurement. TraXall manages in excess of €4bn of customer assets and has a strong reputation for service delivery in each of its growing country markets.

Ross Jackson, CEO of TraXall International, says that it is TraXall’s local market focus that sets his organisation apart from others in the market. “While it generally works well for core strategy, a ‘top down, one-size fits all’ service delivery approach can often derail an otherwise successful strategy.”

“TraXall delivers great savings for our clients, but our skill is also in translating a global strategy into effective local market delivery, including the management of the local supply chain – legacy or new. We do this through great local people, systems tuned for each market and a flexible approach to our clients’ needs, at every level.”

“This ‘Local Management, Global View’ approach results in faster acceptance and understanding, harmonised with global strategy. We like engaged drivers, happy stakeholders and – in addition to great results – that’s precisely what TraXall stands for. That reputation means everything to us … and to our growing client base.”

  • TraXall focuses on service excellence. 
  • Where there are savings to be achieved, it delivers them, working with clients at global and local levels to ensure efficiencies are realised.
  • TraXall implements clients’ strategies and mobilises its teams to secure clients’ savings.
  • Clients’ funding methods (or suppliers) may change over time. TraXall manages this transition, so that its clients’ people feel no turbulence from change, while ensuring best value across any funding/procurement method.
  • TraXall advises on how local/national government policy impact vehicle choice and selection.
  • Supply chain information and fleet data is consolidated and presented consistently, locally and globally, allowing legacy fleet to be reviewed alongside new – irrespective of supplier.
  • Fleet administration is effectively managed through people on the ground in each market, using systems built for each market with market-specific driver portals.

Thibaud Dedier, Chief Operating Officer, TraXall International, sums it up perfectly:

“We help you to achieve your savings – it’s your strategy and we’re there to help implement it for you and maximise ‘buy-in’. TraXall’s business model is ‘process-driven’ and not ‘asset-driven’, so you can be certain that TraXall will always be protecting your interests”.

TraXall International – Local Management, Global View