4 oct 17

Introducing the new GlobalFleet.com

Welcome to the new website GlobalFleet.com, your destination for everything Fleet & Mobility. Get inspired, get connected, get ready ! The new website offers you a brand new media experience from beginning to end.

7 things you will love about the website right now: 

  1. Homepage / Improved navigation

The homepages of GlobalFleet.com and FleetEurope.com focus on more content. Easy to access.

  • On your left side, the most recent features, analyses, interviews. These articles are in-depth information sources.
  • On your right side, you will find the latest news from the industry: short, comprehensive, up-to-date.
  • Related content: once you are reading an article, we invite you to read related content.
  • Most popular content this week: curious what your peers are reading?
  1. Wikifleet

Wikifleet is a free collaborative encyclopaedia about car fleet management. It provides essential knowledge of what you need to know about fleet markets in the world. For every country covered by wikifleet, we have selected 12 chapters that will help you understand the fleet market and guide you to make the best strategic choices for your fleet management in each country. WIKIFLEET will be constantly improving thanks to Global Fleet Experts, Global Fleet Members and…YOU as you can also suggest updates and improvements.


  1. Valued and customized content

Our editorial teams are based around the world to inform and share best practices in global fleet management. Whether you are in charge of your company’s fleet on a global or regional level, you will find valued content in features, analyses, interviews and news.

Want to select the most relevant content for you and filter the content you want to see. How?

  1. Account: when creating your account, select the topics and countries you want to read about and the website will only show you these topics. From now on, each time you return to our website, the content will be customised to your preferences.
    To change these preferences, modify your profile.
  2. Filter: The filter on the left upper side of the website gives you the opportunity to filter the content to your preferences. This filtering mode only custom the content for your actual session.
  3. Navigation: in your search for the most relevant information for you, use the navigation buttons “Thematics” and “Regions”.

Under “Regions”, you will find 5 regions covered by GlobalFleet.com:

  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Africa – Middle East

Under “Thematics”, you will find 7 topics of fleet management:

  • Fleet Strategy
  • HS&E:
  • Leasing & Rental
  • Manufacturers
  • Mobility
  • Taxation & Legislation
  • Technology & Innovation


  1. Directory

We have also developed a brand new global fleet directory, the online guide to find fleet & mobility providers worldwide. Looking for partners in fleet and mobility management anywhere in the world? The directory is the place to find them! Enhanced research, more companies and better lay-out are making sure you will find what you are looking for!


  1. Single sign-on

Create your new account and you will access with a single sign-on the renewed digital newsrooms of GlobalFleet.com and FleetEurope.com. Once you are registered, the websites will manage your content preferences on both websites. This is also where you will manage your company information in the directory.


  1. Newsletter

Do you not miss any important information! Register to our enhanced newsletters:

  • Global Fleet Newsletter
  • Fleet Europe Newsletter
  • Smart Mobility Management Newsletter
  • Remarketing Newsletter


  1. Get excited !

We hope you are as excited about all of these new features as we are! To get access to all of this and much more, there is one thing that you will have to do: recreate an account. We encourage you to do that as soon as possible. Once you have done that, those wonderful features will be all yours!


Authored by: Caroline Thonnon