18 oct 17

Global Fleet Advisory Board readies LatAm strategy

Latin American advisory board members of Global Fleet are discussing challenges and joint strategies in fleet management and related issues.

The members, which will meet during and after the Fleet Europe forum and awards event taking place from December 5-6, will discuss the internationalization of fleet management in Latin America, safety challenges and insurance issues, trends in smart mobility, and the development of Global Fleet in the region.

They will be joining advisory Board Chairman Pascal Serres, Nexus Communication's CEO Caroline Thonnon and other members of the Nexus Communications team, promoter of the event and publisher of Global Fleet, Fleet Europe, and Smart Mobility.

So far, among the members of the newly formed advisory board are Kent Bjertrup (LatAm director for ALD), Arnault Leglaye (director of Arval in LatAm), Mirella Juarez (CEO of Arrend in Central America), and Rodrigo Monroy (Fleet Manager of Abbvie for LatAm and APAC region). 

Joining from South America are Joao Andrade (CEO of Localiza Brazil), Fabio Costa (CEO of LeasePlan Brazil), Andres Jaramillo (Director of SEPA Consultores in Colombia),  Alberto Velez (CEO of Autocorp in Argentina), and Arturo Simone (CEO of RDA renting in Argentina). 

The advisory board will soon be joined by representatives of OEM as well as fleet managers to represent all interested parties.

If you are interested in the activities of the LatAm Advisory Board and its upcoming activities, feel free to reach out to Pascal Serres (pserres@nexuscommunication.be)


Authored by: Daniel Bland