20 déc 18

Webinar : How to unlock the benefits of private leasing for your employees

Private lease is fast gaining ground across Europe, with an annual volume increase of around 50%. Private lease is a longer term leasing solution offered to the end-customer. Despite the formula’s focus on the end-consumer, corporates have a big role in popularising private lease. Strictly speaking, private lease does not require the involvement of corporates, as it’s a deal between supplier and end-customer. But companies can serve as ideal ‘matchmakers’ between their employees and suppliers of private lease solutions. And so everybody wins: employees get cost-attractive access to a clever formula for individual mobility, suppliers get access to a substantial number of potential clients, and employers can add an incentive to their benefits package that can become crucial in the ‘war for talent’. 

How private leasing can benefit both your company and your employees, can be discovered in this free to attend Fleet Europe webinar, supported by Arval, on 17 January 2019 at 2PM CET. 

Three expert speakers will deepdive into the topic, with a case study of BNP Paribas Germany: 

  • Octavian Chelu, Principal Consultant Fleet and Leasing at Frost & Sullivan
  • Carsten Esbach, COO at BNP Paribas Germany
  • Lakshmi Moorthy, SME and Private Lease Director at Arval

This webinar will end with a lively Q&A.

Don’t lose out on this opportunity to learn about the benefits of private leasing for your employees, and register now !

Authored by: Steven Schoefs