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17 avr 18

Alphabet steers its own course

In light of the planned merger of BMW's and Daimler's mobility services, we asked Alphabet CEO Norbert van den Eijnden (pictured) how this could affect his company. We also spoke about Alphabet's recent expansion in Portugal and Ireland.

Daimler and BMW are launching a joint mobility offering. How will this affect the position of Alphabet as a mobility provider with services in similar business fields like car sharing and charging?

"AlphaCity, our car sharing, is a stand-alone product of Alphabet. The planned joint venture between the BMW Group and Daimler AG regarding on-demand mobility has no implication on Alphabet's product portfolio."

What is your response to the comments that this will also lead to an integration of the fleet management activities and that Athlon and Alphabet may become one company in the future?

"The announced joint venture does not include a cooperation of any other Group divisions. Therefore, Alphabet will remain a non-captive mobility provider within the BMW Group. Any further integration is not planned."

Recently you announced you were opening up shop in Portugal and Ireland. Why these two countries, as they are not the biggest fleet markets? 

"This refers to the increasing requests of our international customers. Alphabet follows its customers and hence has established a local footprint in these markets with cooperation partners. Alphabet will continue to extend its global footprint."

Authored by: Steven Schoefs