29 nov 18

IFMI Masterclass: projects and change for Fleet Managers

This edition of the International Fleet Manager’s Institute was all about “weatherproofing” corporate fleet and mobility programs. Trainers and 37 participants looked into the tools and mechanisms required to prepare a fleet for the future: stakeholder management, project and change methodologies were explained from an academic point of view and illustrated by show cases.

The Masterclass kicked off with 3 case studies, kindly shared by Ivor Johnson (Pfizer), Kim Stenberg (Vestas) and Jarno Pajunen (Nokia). They explained how a well-oiled stakeholder management can contribute to the success of a fleet program.

Athlon’s Mark Taylor and ALD’s Marc Van Eck led a discussion about change management and the implementation of a new fleet and mobility strategy. The session was introduced by an overview of project and change management techniques by GlobalFleet’s Yves Helven. Afterwards, 3 fleet managers (Pim de Weerd, Philips, Robert Hitchcock, 4GS and Ben Varey, SGS) shared their experiences, successes and failures in implementing new strategies.

ARVAL’s Nicolas Michel and Leaseplan’s Mathijs Van der Goot presented the trends that will impact the fleet and mobility strategy of international companies. Data, energy cost and mobility will be at the core of fleet management and change is inevitable.

During the afternoon, the participants were divided into 4 workshops around the themes of People, Planet, Profit and Safety. Each theme was introduced by a short case study (courtesy of David Omodei, Microsoft, Wojciech Regucki, Abbvie and Nikola Vuckovic, PMI) and the discussions opened by the representatives of the IFMI partners ALD, ARVAL, Athlon and Leaseplan. The outcome of the discussion and its conclusions were presented and IFMI will produce a white paper in the coming weeks.

The day ended with an amazing dinner in one of Barcelona’s hip restaurants, offered by IFMI’s partner SEAT. Seat provided as well chauffeur driven Ateca’s, Alhambra’s and Tarraco’s, driving IFMI participants to and from the dinner.

Authored by: Yves Helven