16 oct 17

Discover the nominees for the Fleet Europe Awards for Fleet Managers

The final round of the 2017 Fleet Europe Awards for Fleet Managers takes place on 17 and 18 October at BMW HQ in Munich, where all finalists presented their fleet management project in front of the complete jury.  

This year, five different Award’s categories reward the international fleet managers who have implemented new and innovative solutions and management improvement to the industry:

  • The European Fleet Manager of the Year goes to the person or the team with European responsibilities having most successfully developed an international fleet management strategy leading to an optimised TCO in line with corporate strategy.
  • The Global Fleet Manager of the Year rewards the person or the team, managing a fleet at global level and having most successfully developed a global fleet approach.
  • The International Fleet Mobility Award goes to a company which has successfully implemented a green project or initiative in efficient alternative mobility for its fleet.
  • International Fleet Safety Award recognises a project or programme that improves the safety of the drivers and limits incidents and accidents related to the vehicle fleet, whilst taking into account cost optimisation.
  • The International Fleet Innovation Award will reward a project in specific field of fleet management if the jury decides that this initiative stands out in the field of innovation and can be an inspiration for fleet management optimisation on a wider scale.

Discover the 2017 nominees:

Alexandra Melville
  • Role: Global Category Lead, Accenture
  • Sector: Consulting Activities
  • Responsible for: 12,500 vehicles
  • “We embrace innovation and are creative in our way to manage our fleet and our mobility. Our leadership and sponsor is very supportive of any new program we can implement on environmental friendly solutions, or new ways of mobility.”
Michael Bieger
  • Role: Sr. Director, Global Fleet Management, ADP
  • Sector: Human Capital Management  
  • Responsible for: 2,250 vehicles
  • “We have implemented a truly global approach that’s collaborative and leverages the best global practices while being sensitive to local country laws, customs and business practices.”
Franz Fehlner
  • Role: Head of International Fleet Management an Services , Allianz Technology SE
  • Sector: Finance
  • Responsible for: 28,000 vehicles
  • “We transformed our fleet programme from a fragmented operating model to a bundled hub/spoke model which leads to increasing volume and huge cost savings. Beside this effects we have implemented a fully outsourced service model on a global level. ”
Adriana Holban
  • Role: Global Buyer, Heineken
  • Sector: FMCG
  • Responsible for: 18,000 vehicles
  • “Our fleet management is fully embedded in the Company Strategy and is addressing Heineken’s values and strategic behaviours. It is not only a holistic program, but also an outstanding example of integration of corporate social responsibility within the safety and sustainability area.”
Christoph Carnier
  • Role: Head of Procurement Category Travel, Fleet & Events, Merck KGaA
  • Sector: Science & Technology
  • Responsible for: 4,500 vehicles
  • “We have set up a Car Policy which is very attractive and well balanced for the employees, taking into consideration Environmental Awareness, Budget and Verities of car models.”
Michael Pohl
  • Role: Sr. Procurement Engagement Manager Fleet, Microsoft Corporation
  • Sector: IT
  • Responsible for: 9,800 vehicles
  • “We´ve developed a global reporting platform, which enables us to analyse and report out all relevant data to different audiences in the right format.”
Prachi Misra
  • Role: Sourcing Director, NCR
  • Sector: Consumer Transaction Technologies
  • Responsible for: 2,400 vehicles
  • “We have a holistic approach towards fleet management, with all stakeholders involved (HR, Legal, Operations, IT and Filed), and we have successfully implemented a Telematics programme to steer driver behaviour and optimise cost-efficiency.”
Peter Szelenyi
  • Role: Global Fleet Category Manager, Novartis
  • Sector: Pharmaceutical
  • Responsible for: 30,000 vehicles
  • “The speed of transformation from ground zero to the current level of fleet management maturity is relatively unique in the pool of similar size and complexity multinational, multi-divisional corporates such as Novartis.”
Caty Ratchford
  • Role: Global Fleet Manager, PespiCo
  • Sector: Food
  • Responsible for: 90,000+ vehicles
  • “We have a comprehensive strategy focusing on Capability, Reliability and Sustainability at both Global and Country level and this approach delivers World Class Results. ”
Markus Falk
  • Role: Head of Global Car Fleet, SAP SE
  • Sector: High Tec
  • Responsible for: 22,000 vehicles
  • “We have introduced an E-Mobility Programme to reduce carbon emissions, with a policy to offer the choice of rail card, car or car without fuel card.”
Juergen Freitag
  • Role: Senior Director Global Commodity Fleet, Siemens AG
  • Sector: Power Generation; Healthcare, Industry, Dicital Factories  
  • Responsible for: 48,000 vehicles
  • “We developed a Global Fleet Guidance paper called “The Global Fleet Standard” which describes the major company goals and the essential Global Fleet approach and as such gives orientation to the regional Human Resources and Supply Chain Management departments.”
Lee Warner
  • Role: Global Fleet Manager, Unilever
  • Sector: FMCG
  • Responsible for: 13,500 vehicles
  • “We bring our vision into the local markets, whether this be from a safety standard with our MoMo (Motor on Mobile Off Safety Policy) or Zero Accident targets to the USLP zero carbon emissions by 2030 pledge. We are empowered to embrace new technology to improve the experience and protect our most important assets: ‘the driver’.”
Kim Stenberg
  • Role: Head of Global Fleet Procurement, Vestas Wind Systems A/S
  • Sector: Energy
  • Responsible for: min. 5,000 vehicles
  • “We are in the middle of a transformation process for Fleet. Fleet will work on a strategic level and be responsible for sourcing, selecting, negotiation, setting up the fleet supply chain, setting KPI with both CMT Fleet and with vendors or other stakeholders.”

The winners of the 2017 Fleet Europe Awards will be celebrated on 6 December at the Fleet Europe Summit in Estoril, Portugal. Don't miss the European industry event!

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Authored by: Céline Gilson