13 juin 18

AlphaCity now includes EVs, LCVs and other makes

AlphaCity, the corporate car sharing solution offered by Alphabet, has been extended to include EVs and LCVs.

"We're looking at every customer who needs LCVs in its fleet," said Christoph Wachtmeister (pictured), Product Manager AlphaCity at Alphabet International. "That means our existing customers as well as new ones in health care, couriers and logistics companies but also in the public sector."

The average corporate customers that subscribe to AlphaCity include business parks and hotels. Although the service is strictly B2B, customers can decide whether they want to open the scheme for private as well as business use by their employees.


At the same time, AlphaCity is no longer exclusively available for BMW and Mini vehicles and now includes multiple makes.

"Our focus lies on remaining dedicated to fulfilling individual client requirements. Therefore we want to offer a wider range and portfolio to satisfy these requirements. With this next step it is also possible to reach new target groups," said Mr Wachtmeister.

Electric LCVs

As AlphaCity is a tailor-made solution, electric LCVs are also possible. Additional services such as charging cards and other charging solutions can be added. AlphaCity is already operating a purely electric fleet for a corporate client in Spain.

Another innovation is that AlphaCity bookings can now also be accessed through the AlphaGuide app.

Today, AlphaCity is available in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the UK and Austria. More countries are expected to follow in the future.

Image source: Alphabet

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck