10 oct 18

Fair President speaks at Fleet Europe Summit

Georg Bauer, co-founder and president of Fair.com, has just been confirmed as speaker at the Fleet Europe Summit. Mr Bauer will deliver a keynote presentation on 28 November during a session on New Payment Models – a unique opportunity to learn from one of the most interesting disruptors in the U.S. mobility space.  

Based in Santa Monica (California), Fair is a pioneer in the Car-as-a-Service (CaaS) subscription model. The Fair app gives consumers a fully digital experience, with the freedom and flexibility to return the car at any time. 

Fair offers only used vehicles for subscription, from as little as $150 a month. Last October, investors ploughed $1 billion into the company, allowing it to buy Uber’s Xchange Leasing programme. Fair is now expanding rapidly across America. 

Innovative leader
Mr Bauer is widely recognized as an innovative leader in auto finance and spent his 30-year career shaping financial services for leading car companies on a global scale. Most recently, he built the financial services business for Tesla in the EU and APAC regions in over 20 markets. 

Prior to that, he served as CEO of Global Financial Services for BMW Group, as CEO of Mercedes-Benz Credit in the US, and was responsible for financial services of Mercedes cars and trucks globally.

Mr Bauer is truly passionate about auto financial services: “(It is) my fundamental belief that (they) are key to providing value and a great experience for customers, manufacturers and dealers alike”. 

“Significant disruption”
“Today, I believe the automotive landscape is on the brink of significant disruption,” he says, “whether it’s e-cars, autonomous driving or ride-sharing, the status quo is being challenged and will change greatly within the next few years, (and) with Fair, we’re driving the change in how to buy and own a car.”

Mr Bauer will speak at the Fleet Europe Forum, the plenary conference of the Fleet Europe Summit. He will deliver his keynote presentation during a session on New Financial Service Models. His vision on the future of mobility and financing services will be of great interest to any fleet professional. 

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Authored by: Frank Jacobs