15 juin 18

ALD launches corporate carsharing in Germany

ALD Carsharing is now live in Germany. ALD Automotive's corporate car-sharing platform was developed, tested with clients and launched in Italy, through its Mobility Centre of Excellence. In the coming months, it will be rolled out to several other major markets. 

The corporate car-sharing drive conforms to ALD's ambition to be at the forefront of new products and technologies. These days, that translates to: delivering mobility solutions to its corporate clients that are efficient and cost-effective. Corporate car-sharing is one of the many new mobility products and services the company plans to launch in the coming months. 

Optimising utilisation
From August, ALD Germany will add ALD Carsharing to its mobility offering. It will allow ALD customers to optimise the utilisation of their vehicle fleets, both reducing their Total Cost of Mobility (TCM) and adding an attractive car-sharing solution to their employee compensation packages. 

Here's how the product works. 

An online car-sharing tool, combined with a smartphone app for drivers and, if necessary, an on-board unit to ensure keyless access to the vehicles combine to grant flexible access to a company's existing fleet for more employees (not just the ones entitled to a company car). 

Private purposes
This will make it easier to use the vehicles for commutes between various company locations, but also for private purposes during out-of-work hours. ALD Carsharing seamlessly processes the booking and invoicing (if applicable). 

ALD Carsharing generates many benefits, not the least of which is the reduction of the administrative burden of managing a corporate fleet. More importantly, greater efficiency in utilising the fleet – not to mention the revenue from hiring out vehicles for private use – both help reduce the company's TCM (for example by eliminating the cost of taxis, rental cars, plane and rail trips, etc.) Importantly, including more staff in the corporate mobility offering will increase employee satisfaction. 

Further enhancements
ALD Germany will evaluate the introduction of ALD Carsharing will each of its clients considering the solution, by analysing each company's specific mobility needs and the way in which the corporate car-sharing solution may contribute to it. 

Further enhancements to the ALD Carsharing platform are planned, in order to expand its capabilities and the range of services it can offer to its clients. ALD did not share data on the current or projected size of its corporate car-sharing platform. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs