17 nov 17
Fil d'Actus

Parkbob runs parking pilot for ALD

Vienna-based mobility start-up Parkbob is running a three-month pilot for a parking application for business vehicles with A1, an Austrian operator. The pilot is run in conjunction with ALD Automotive, and is a follow-up of the ALD Startup  Challenge, which was won by Parkbob in July. 

Parkbob's parking application allows ALD customers to find a parking place more easily and to get notified about parking rules. Parkbob combines live parking data from various resources with its own database, bringing together parking rules and geolocation information. This way, the system always knows where parking is allowed, how much it costs and where free parking places are available. 

If vehicles are parked incorrectly or if their time has run out, the app sends an alert. As a result, customers save time and money on fines and parking fees. After the three-month pilot, the application will be integrated into the global fleet application, My ALD.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs