20 jan 23
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Sanofi to adapt Arval’s ‘Ignition salary sacrifice’ to boost sustainability

Sanofi to adapt Arval’s ‘Ignition salary sacrifice’ to boost sustainability

UK-based global healthcare company Sanofi has chosen Arval Ignition to encourage employees to sacrifice a part of their salary to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Arval Ignition offers a sacrifice scheme for employees, allowing them to drive an electric vehicle (EV) along with all the benefits of a corporate car in exchange for the payment taken from their salaries. 

The collaboration is a testament to Sanofi’s sustainability policy, which aims to reach zero emissions by 2030 globally. Through Arval Ignite, Sanofi’s drivers can choose among various EVs for their use and directly contribute to the decarbonisation efforts of the company. 

Reading-based Sanofi already says that 131 employees out of 750 in the UK have chosen all-electric or plug-in hybrid cars under the new arrangement, and 49 more are on order. The monthly payment in Arval Ignition includes all costs associated with the leased vehicle; servicing, maintenance, repairs and insurance. For Sanofi’s CFO Chief Usman Khan, Arval Ignition eases picking up the right car for the right price through its tools and informs clients about orders whenever there’s an update. 

To better support the employees to sign up for Arval Ignition, Sanofi offers £500 to field force employees to get a home charger and plans to increase chargers at its HQ to 34 from the current four. 

The Sanofi Arval agreement is a new chapter for the two companies collaborating for over ten years and a boost for Arval’s ‘1 Electrified Vehicle = 1 Tree’ scheme, which sees a tree planted for every car leasing in the UK. 

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Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen