8 juin 20
Fil d'Actus

ALD appoints new CEOs in Belgium and Hungary

Klaudija Casar Torkar has been appointed the new CEO of ALD Automotive Belgium, taking over the reigns from Miel Horsten. Ms Casar Torkar will be replaced as CEO of ALD Automotive in Hungary by Olena Tymofiyiva.

Previously, Ms Casar Torkar was CEO for ALD in Bulgaria and Hungary. CFO Eric Bertel will support her as Deputy CEO in Belgium.

One of the focus areas for Ms Casar Torkar will be the transition to electric driving and the increased acceptance of working from home since the outbreak of the coronavirus. Bike leasing and private leasing will also be points of attention.

On 1 June, Miel Horsten took up his new position as Group Regional Director at ALD Automotive International.

Ms Casar Torkar will be replaced as CEO of ALD Automotive Hungary by Olena Tymofiyiva. She began her career at ALD Automotive in Ukraine in 2006 and became CFO in 2009. Eight years later, she was made Head of IT and Projects and she was appointed CEO of ALD Automotive in Bulgaria in 2018.

Image: Klaudija Casar Torkar, CEO, ALD Automotive Belgium (left), Olena Tymofiyiva, CEO, ALD Automotive Hungary (right) (source: ALD Automotive)

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck