15 avr 19
Fil d'Actus

Leasys launches peer-to-peer carsharing in UK, France and Spain

As part of its European rollout, Leasys is launching peer-to-peer carsharing across three EU markets. Come September, the lease company (and part of the FCA Bank Group) will launch the scheme, called U Go, in the UK, France and Spain.

Via its Airbnb-style platform (ugo.leasys.com), U Go allows customers ('Players') to hire out vehicles acquired via Leasys to others ('Users') for periods ranging from a few hours to a few days. 

Players can list their vehicles (plus their features, availability and daily rate) on the platform, which also includes insurance. Users can use the platform to find cars at the location and time of their preference. 

Pickup and payment are processed entirely via the platform, which also allows Players and Users to rate each other after the share. As payment, U Go takes a cut of the revenue. 

At present, U Go is already live in Italy, where it's available to FCA Bank and Leasys customers. Aimed at retail customers, it will be offered in the three new markets in combination with the 2019 Alfa Romeo Giulietta. 

By the end of the year, U Go will launch in Leasys' other European markets: Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. The aim is for U Go to reach 50,000 Users by 2021, when Leasys will be present in 13 European countries. 


Authored by: Frank Jacobs