10 nov 22
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Top spots for Brunot and Meynard at Arval

Top spots for Brunot and Meynard at Arval

Arval today announced the appointment of Karen Brunot (pictured left) and Julie Meynard (right) to top spots within the company’s organisation. 

Ms. Brunot has been appointed Arval’s Chief Sustainability Officer, effective November 1st. She brings 25 years of experience in retail, financial services and mobility to the job.   

  • Prior to joining Arval in 2016, Ms. Brunot worked within the strategy department of Pinault Printemps Redoute (Kering), and in data strategy, segmentation and the loyalty programme at FNAC. 
  • At Arval, she started as Marketing & Digital Director at Arval France, and in 2019 became a member of Arval France’s Executive Committee (in charge of marketing strategy and product & customer marketing, among other responsibilities). It is in this role that she developed Arval’s innovative sustainable mobility offers.
  • Ms. Brunot is now part of Arval’s overall Executive Committee, and will continue to focus on placing CSR at the core of Arval’s business. 

Ms. Meynard has been appointed the Director of Arval Consulting and the Arval Mobility Observatory (AMO), effective September 1st. She has 18 years’ experience within Arval, of which 10 within Arval’s International Business Office (IBO). 

  • Prior to joining Arval, Ms. Meynard worked for American Express and in the automotive industry, where she worked at the B2B international sales department of a French OEM for 7 years.
  • Her previous role within Arval was Head of International Business Development at the Arval IBO.
  • In her new role, Ms. Meynard will further strengthen and develop Arval Consulting and AMO, contributing to Arval’s strategy and helping to differentiate the company from its competitors. 

Commenting on both appointments, Alain van Groenendael, Arval Chairman and CEO, said: “We strongly believe the link between sustainability and business is crucial. That’s why the creation of a Chief Sustainability Officer came naturally as the next step in our CSR ambitions,” and “anticipating market trends and making sure our consulting provides our customers with optimal solutions is of ever-growing importance. It has been pivotal in making us a major player today, and a leader in sustainable mobility tomorrow.”

Images: Arval

Authored by: Frank Jacobs