8 nov 21

ALD and TMC launch new global fleet reporting platform

Two major fleet industry suppliers have launched a new fleet reporting system that gives international fleet managers access to the data required to achieve ‘operational excellence’ on a worldwide scale.

Leasing giant ALD Automotive and UK-based fuel management, data and audit specialist The Miles Consultancy (TMC) have jointly developed the Global Fleet Inventory (GFI) to consolidate management data from multiple sources, including third parties, into meaningful reports.

International fleet management

The two companies have designed GFI to help fleet decision makers manage their vehicles at a national and international level. The platform gives fleet managers access to information on all of their vehicles, including total cost of ownership, and allows them to drill down into the data on a regional, country or contract basis.

Carbon footprint

GFI also delivers analysis of energy and fuel consumption, showing businesses their fleet CO2 emissions, and creating a benchmark against which Corporate Social Responsibility objectives to shrink carbon footprints can be measured.

Annie Pin, Chief Commercial Officer, ALD, which provides full service leasing and fleet management services for 1.68 million vehicles in 43 countries, said: “Our goal was to simplify the data consolidation process and facilitate analysis with a truly global approach. It is imperative that our global clients have a clear and concise overview of how their fleet is performing on an on-going basis wherever they are present and TMC’s expertise allows this to be done neutrally and confidentially for all concerned.”

GFI will enable fleet operators to see how their fleet is performing across the globe via a single suite of dashboards, said Paul Hollick, Managing Director of TMC.

“The information is particularly beneficial for those that wish to develop fleet strategies based on real world information which will deliver both cost saving and carbon reduction programmes, including the full transition to electric vehicles globally,” he said.

GFI is available for all the global clients of the ALD Automotive | Wheels Global Alliance.

Authored by: Jonathan Manning