17 juil 20

Ford and ALD launch Ford Fleet Management in Europe

‘Ford Fleet Management’: that’s the name for a new company, offering integrated fleet leasing and management solutions in Europe. The joint venture by Ford and ALD Automotive aims to be a one-stop-shop for both leasing and fleet management, and both corporate and private customers – and is aimed primarily at commercial vehicles. 

Each in their own right, Ford and ALD are world-leading mobility providers. Now they’re pooling their complementary talents in a new company, to be launched in the UK this autumn, pending approval by the relevant authorities. Selected European markets will follow suit.

Dealer network
Ford Fleet Management (FFM) will develop a competitive integrated leasing and fleet management offer, both for commercial vehicles and passenger cars. The company’s products will be offered via Ford’s dealer network, direct contact and digital platforms. 

Both partners bring their unique skills:

  • Ford has product expertise and connected-vehicle capability
  • ALD brings global scale and know-how in full-service leasing and fleet management.

FFM will leverage the customer relations, product and mobility services and extensive dealer network of both ALD and Ford to make good on its ambition: to deliver best-in-class vehicle uptime, via a comprehensive offer that includes leasing and maintenance, digital fleet management systems and mobility solutions.
Expanding leadership
FFM is the newest sibling of a long relationship between both companies. ALD has been providing Ford Lease Services for more than 15 years in Europe. 

From Ford’s perspective, FFM is an instrument to further expand its leadership in the commercial vehicle segment across Europe, says Stuart Rowley, president of Ford of Europe: “It provides new opportunities for us to serve our customers through fleet management.”

“Ford Fleet Management, which leverages our leading position in the market, will support the development of full-service leasing for commercial vehicles in Europe,” adds Tim Albertsen, CEO of ALD Automotive.
Image: Ford Media Center

Authored by: Frank Jacobs