23 mar 21

Global Fleet Conference 2021: Around the World in 12 Hours

Join the 2021 Global Fleet Conference on 12 May for a 12-hour trip around 6 continents, bringing you a 360° overview of global fleet management. Meet the new players, get to know the new rules, find out the new expectations in the industry.

The global fleet industry is changing at a fast pace. In 2021, Global Fleet is organising two virtual events to share best practices, learn from industry leaders and to understand the fleet and mobility trends across the world. Join us for a trip around the world on 12 May 2021 and on 2 December 2021.

Are you a procurement manager, HR manager, mobility manager, fleet manager, purchasing or sourcing manager or are you in any other way involved in global fleet and mobility management? Then the Global Fleet Conference is the place where you can focus on the state of the market, the latest trends and developments and on best practices.

Global Fleet Live Session

The most influential fleet leaders and experts share their vision and expertise during the live interactive global sessions. We focus on global trends, forecasts and strategy in leasing and fleet management, OEMs, technology and mobility.

The live sessions take place between 2pm and 8pm CET, making it possible for people located in both Europe and America to attend.

Regional Streams

Learn and share best practices on the 6 regions of the world with the on-demand regional streams. The regional streams will focus on Asia/Pacific, the Middle East & Africa, Europe, North America and Latin America. Additionally, we focus on key countries around the world and on local heroes: Japan, Australia and China for APAC, Israel, Morocco and South Africa for AME, the UK, Russia and Turkey for Europe, the US and Canada for North America and Argentina, Brazil and Mexico for Latin America.

Global Fleet Manager of the Year

One of the case studies that will be presented is of the 2021 Global Fleet Manager of the Year. Jean-Philippe Caraes (pictured, right), Strategic Supply Manager Procurement Indirect Materials at Hilti Corporation, will explain how he overhauled his company's fleet management practice and what plans he has for the coming years.

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Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck