10 juil 19

Learn about innovative mobility solutions with Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan are organising a conference on new use cases, pricing and business models for new innovative mobility solutions on 10 and 11 June in London. Speakers include industry experts, thought leaders, policy makers, city planners and researchers from across Europe.

It is clear that the very fundamentals of the mobility industry are in a state of collapse and reinvention. Against a backdrop of changing customer preferences and expectations, the convergence of autonomous, connected, electric and shared mobility technologies is radically altering the way people move around, live, work, and engage with their environment.

The combined insights from Frost & Sullivan’s global mobility research and the perspectives of leading mobility stakeholders from both industry and government will help attendees navigate the minefield of opportunities and challenges stemming from converging mega trends, technology innovations, regulatory changes and competitive pressures.

Last year, Frost & Sullivan’s Intelligent Mobility drew over 350 delegates representing 80 organisations from across the world.

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Image: Shwetha Surender, Industry Principal Analyst Mobility, Frost & Sullivan

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck