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The only place where you can see these CEOs debate each other

There’s only one place where you can see the CEOs of the big leasing companies debate each other in public, and that’s at the Fleet Europe Days

  • As per long-standing tradition, the CEO debate is the grande finale of the Fleet Europe Summit – now repackaged as the second and final day of this year’s Fleet Europe Days (22-23 November in Lisbon). Check out the entire programme here
  • The first of both Fleet Europe Days is devoted to the Remarketing Forum and various educational sessions. Various ticket options are available. Check out here which one works best for you
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The Executive Panel Discussion, which closes the proceedings of the Fleet Europe Summit, brings the top executives of some of Europe’s most important leasing companies together on one stage – and always fills any room in which it takes place. 

That’s because this is a unique chance to hear what’s behind the tactics and strategies of the lease players – straight from the horse’s mouth (so to speak). 

Yes, the language is diplomatic and the atmosphere is friendly, but if you listen carefully to what’s being said, you’ll come away with a clearer understanding of what makes each leasing company unique... and what makes some a better fit for your fleet than others. 

This year’s CEOs on stage are:

  • Markus Deusing (Alphabet International)
  • Alain van Groenendael (Arval)
  • Christian Schüler (Athlon)
  • Tim Albertsen (Ayvens)
  • Rolando D'Arco (Leasys). 

Images: Fleet Europe

Authored by: Frank Jacobs