25 mai 22

Siemens found the best mobility solution for hybrid work with BusUp

For companies, building a sustainable corporate mobility plan to meet the demand of each employee while being cost-effective requires time and resources. BusUp provides an optimum solution to bypass all this hard work and establish sustainable corporate mobility.

Founded in 2011, BusUp offers a unique and innovative mobility solution by linking employees, companies and bus operators to create the most efficient path between two points. This well calculated and optimised route is established by connecting multiple origins with multiple destinations, thus providing companies with safe and sustainable mobility. 

For companies, BusUp's solution provides four primary benefits: 

  • An all-inclusive service, from finding the best bus operator to managing invoices and reporting. 
  • Route optimisation technology to offer the best commuting while minimising the costs. 
  • Reduction of the company's mobility costs by up to 40% by sharing the commuting routes with the neighbouring companies while optimising the number of routes. 
  • Safety and sanitation through a 100% contactless boarding system, allowing effective contact tracing while ensuring maximum safety during trips. 

Flexible transport for Siemens employees

Siemens applied the BusUp solution to their Portuguese headquarters in Alfragide, where they couldn't meet the demand of high flexibility needs of more than 3.045 employees due to the hybrid work model. It was also impossible to predict the occupancy at different hours, preventing cost-efficient planning. 

Siemens had to achieve three goals to retain and attract talent to the company: 

  • Making the commuting service more flexible,
  • By increasing the number of passengers, 
  • While reducing operating costs. 

BusUp created the solution by merging three service layers: 

  • Flexible booking: The online flexible booking system makes it possible to identify the variability of daily needs in advance. 
  • Demand Responsive Transport (DRT): Based on a system of route optimisation algorithms,DRT allows the daily adjustment of the service and vehicle capacities. 
  • Full-Stack: Internal corporate service management includes 24/7 flow supervision of routes (drivers and buses), 24/7 customer service, and monthly reports. 

The project, which started in 2019, reached all of its goals in one year, creating three routes for Siemens, carrying up to 3,941 employees. BusUp was awarded the Sustainability Award by Siemens employees for two consecutive years, thanks to its outstanding results.

The collaborative and optimised mobility model of BusUp today has reached 100 clients in six countries, working with 150 bus operators and transporting 650,000 riders daily. 

To discover more about BusUp services and how to deploy a flexible and safe corporate mobility solution, click here