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In our spanking new Knowledge Center, you can find all premium content you need to stay up to speed about international fleet and mobility management. Magazines, E-Books, video podcasts, surveys, fleet reveals made by and for a global network of experts are at your fingertips. And what’s more: creating an account to get access is totally free.

By registering a free account, you get access to premium content in not one but two Knowledge Centers, one on the Fleet Europe website and the other on the Global Fleet website.

In an industry changing as fast as fleet and mobility, it is vital to keep your knowledge up to date and to expand it. Industry insiders with a focus on Europe have been doing that on the Fleet Europe website, and those with a more global approach on the Global Fleet website, appreciating the insights and news both bring. Now, we also offer a Knowledge Center where you can find all publications that dig deeper: magazines and e-books analysing trends and developments, podcast interviews with members of our network, surveys based on the input from that network, and much more. Come back regularly as both Knowledge Centers will continuously be updated.

Knowledge Center Fleet Europe

These are some of the entries in the Fleet Europe Knowledge Center:

Fleet Europe Magazine 123

Download the latest Fleet Europe issue, dedicated to Corporate Mobility as a Benefit – where Fleet, HR, Travel and Procurement meet. Choose the right shared mobility and micromobility. Build your mobility policy. Embrace technology.

E-Book Commercial Fleets & Technology

In the latest Fleet Europe E-Book, we put a spotlight on light commercial vehicles. Fuelled by the boom in e-commerce, LCVs have become crucial for corporate fleet and mobility. But they are a different kind of vehicle from passenger cars, also requiring different answers.

Fleet Reveal Polestar 2

In this Fleet Reveal, we uncover the new icon of electric mobility. Say goodbye to extensive fuel and maintenance costs and say hello to a reduced carbon footprint with the Polestar 2.

10 Minutes podcast with Louwrens Appelcryn, Octo Telematics

Watch this 10 Minutes video podcast in which our Editor-in-Chief Steven Schoefs talks with Louwrens Appelcryn about how Octo Telematics can add value to fleet operations. "We use analytics as a springboard into providing more insights and capabilities that will help our fleet and mobility customers manage their services," said Mr Appelcryn.

Knowledge Center Global Fleet

These are some of the latest entries in the Global Fleet Knowledge Center:

10 Minutes with Robbie Blau, SG Fleet

In this 10 Minutes video podcast, our Editor-in-Chief Steven Schoefs talks with Robbie Blau, the CEO of SG Fleet, one of the leading leasing and fleet management companies in Australia and New Zealand. Find out what the recent acquisition of LeasePlan's activities in Australia and New Zealand by SG Fleet means for the future of the company, how they prepare for alternative powertrains and how they can fit into global fleet management policies.

E-Book Leasing Companies across the globe

Download the latest Global Fleet E-book and find the global leasing partner that fits your needs. The principle of vehicle leasing may be firmly embedded in most multinational corporate fleet strategies, differences in market maturity, in cultural and business preferences, and in the service offering and presence of leasing suppliers, can make it challenging to harmonise funding into one single method.

Global Fleet Survey 2020

In the fifth edition of the Global Fleet Survey, we group the answers of 113 global fleet managers, giving insight into their strategy intentions on a global and regional level. Together, they represent over 1 million vehicles across the world and 8.5 million employees. This survey is a unique benchmarking tool for global fleet and mobility managers.

Survey: the worldwide impact of COVID-19 on fleet and mobility

In this survey, we build up a picture of how our community is dealing with and adapting to the current challenges, giving you an insight into the impact of the health crisis on our industry and on how we anticipate recovery.

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Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck