22 juin 20

“VWFS aims to be world’s largest fleet provider by 2025”

Who’s leading in leasing? Read all about it in Fleet Europe Magazine 117, out now. As a taster, we present a series of short interviews with the top executives of the largest leasing companies on the market – in alphabetical order. Number 8 of 8: Volkswagen Financial Services.

What’s your main strategic objective for 2020, both in Europe and beyond?
Jochen Schmitz (Head of International Fleet) (pictured): “Our aim is to be the world’s largest fleet provider, with a total portfolio of 30 million contracts by 2025. Our first focus markets for international fleet growth are the UK, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium. Key element is closer integration with VW Group brands.”

How will the popularity of vehicle leasing and fleet management in Europe evolve in 2020?
“Vehicle leasing will remain an important and essential pillar of corporate mobility in 2020.”

With smart mobility evolving fast and start-ups disrupting fleet management and leasing, how do you see the industry’s future?
“Increasingly supplementing vehicle leasing and fleet management will be new, more flexible solutions. One solution does not exclude the other. What is important is that providers can manage various mobility solutions form a single source.”

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Authored by: Frank Jacobs