14 oct 19

Why ExpertEye created a Consulting company

When it comes to benchmarking in the automotive industry, ExpertEye is one of the top names around. But that’s not all the company does – in fact, they’ve recently set up ExpertEye Consulting. Who better to explain what’s what than José Blánquez (pictured left), CEO at ExpertEye; and Laurent Queinec (pictured right), CEO at ExpertEye Consulting…


ExpertEye has grown and developed significantly in recent years and is now working with most Car Manufacturers and Leasing Companies in Europe. Can you tell us a bit about your products?

Jose Blanquez: Our main focus is to provide Pricing, Leasing, TCO and RV benchmarks based on a variety of sources. We compile pricing data from Leasing Companies, Car Manufacturers, customers and web platforms. We then add intelligence and quality processes, in order to deliver the most accurate information to customers. ExpertEye is also highly specialised in the Customer Survey approach, including CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) and the NPS (Net Promoter Score) approach.

What makes ExpertEye unique?

Laurent Queinec: One difference with other RV providers is that we don’t build our own Residual-Value (RV) forecast. Our RVs are market-driven, and therefore reflect the real-world competitiveness of the different vehicles. Others will give you their opinion of the potential competitiveness of those vehicles, we show it as it is.

José Blanquez: Benchmarking products is in our DNA, so we have built our expertise and knowledge on understanding the behaviour of Leasing Companies and Car Manufacturers. That is why we are one of their privileged partners, be it in pricing products or in research.


Why did you set up ExpertEye Consulting?

Laurent Queinec: This new company’s mission is to advise Car Manufacturers, Leasing Companies and Fleet Customers on RVs and TCO improvement. Our job description also includes building a best in class Fleet strategy at NSC or international level, or working out an efficient sourcing strategy for vehicles and services. Now, if you ask me why we are good at this, my answer would be: Because we have the right people to do it. We’ve got top professionals who have experience working for world-class OEM and Leasing Companies, specifically on these topics – and with successful results.

How is your approach different from other consulting companies?

José Blanquez: Here is the feedback I get from our customers: They tell us that they receive very operational and highly pragmatic solutions, which can easily be implemented and which provide huge added value. They talk about a perfect mix between pragmatism and innovation.

Laurent Queinec: The approach is in fact quite simple: it’s as if you would hire a true expert who would transfer their knowledge to you, build specific processes and tools that will fit in your organisation. I think ours is the best way to provide quick and sustainable results.

More info about ExpertEye: https://experteye.com