7 nov 22

Women in Fleet – let your voice be heard

At the 2022 Fleet Europe Summit (16-17 November, Dublin), Fleet Europe and ALD Automotive are organizing a breakfast meeting unlike any the Fleet Europe community has ever seen: women only! Here’s why it’s important.

Not so long ago, any meeting of fleet professionals was what is known colloquially as a “sausagefest” – all men, no women. Well, that sure has changed.

Overdue and good

Women are now present in all echelons, all segments and all sectors of the fleet and mobility ecosystem: from drivers to fleet managers, from sales reps to CEOs, and everywhere in between. And that includes many of the attendees of the Fleet Europe Summit.

That is both long overdue, and a good thing. Why long overdue? Because there’s no reason why our industry shouldn’t be as gender diverse as the population, and the workforce. And why a good thing? Because gender diversity adds perspective, and that improves decision-making. Both for fleet customers and fleet suppliers.

Vastly outnumbered

That being said, women are still vastly outnumbered in the fleet and mobility industry. As a result, their voices may not yet be heard as they should, nor the potential of their contributions adequately tapped.

And precisely that is what’s on the table at the ‘Inspiring Women in Fleet’ breakfast, the very first event focusing exclusively on the female potential in the fleet and mobility industry.

This breakfast event will take place at 8-9 am on 17 November, on the second day of the Fleet Europe Summit in Dublin.

The event, organized by Fleet Europe and ALD Automotive, is open exclusively to women, and will feature contributions from Caroline Thonnon (CEO, Nexus Communication) and Annie Pin (CCO, ALD Automotive), among others.

For more information and to register (places are limited!), click here.