3 juin 19

Edward Kulperger, Geotab: "Demonstrate and share innovations with your contemporaries"

At the Fleet Europe Awards this year, six Fleet and Mobility Managers from across Europe will be rewarded for the mark they have left on their profession. Jury president Edward Kulperger, Vice President Europe, Geotab, will make sure the jury lives up to the highest possible standards.

Fleet Europe asked him five questions about the awards and his presidency.

Why should a fleet and mobility manager participate in the Fleet Europe Awards competition?

The Fleet Europe Awards bring organisational and individual excellence to the forefront. It is an exceptional way to demonstrate and share innovations with your contemporaries in order to establish best practices and raise the bar on safety on our roads and in our communities. 

We see a transformation to mobility and the increasing importance of technology in the industry. Do the 2019 Awards reflect this trend?

Absolutely. Digital transformation is upon us and the brilliant examples and use cases around the adoption technology and data in order to use various methods of transportation seamlessly, share vehicles, increase EV adoption, route goods and people quick and safe is incredible. I feel we are at the tip of the iceberg in terms of mobility and Europe is truly leading the globe into the new era of connected transportation. This gala brings together the growing fleet ecosystem.

In addition to European oriented categories there is also a global award. Why is this important?

Global is a bit of a buzzword in today’s business environment but as individual vehicle ownership decreases, fleet ownership is increasing, it truly is a trend that is only building. We have seen and experienced some profound case studies that bring safety innovations and lessons learned from one region to global scales. Sometimes it is a company or even an individual on a safety or environmental mission, and it is incredibly compelling to witness these visionaries influence and effect change across cultures on our most important global resources, people.

What about the neutrality of the competition?

Ethics and integrity are cornerstones of the Fleet Europe process to select award winners and paramount to the process. I love seeing a truly equal representation on the jury committee from individuals that represent the industry in all aspects and across all cultures. We strive for inclusion and neutrality and it goes without saying that we have a responsibility to ourselves, our companies and our environment as a whole. 

What kind of new developments/initiatives do you hope to see with the candidates this year?

Firstly, we are in such an incredible time in the connected fleet and mobility era and companies have really pushed the envelope in the past decade on the TCO front. So as 2020 is upon us I really expect and hope to see disruptors in 3 areas: Safety, EV adoption and Car Sharing initiatives. I believe companies that develop this vision and invest in these areas will help shape our future around energy, mobility and health which are the most precious aspects as our smart communities evolve.

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Image: Edward Kulperger, Vice President Europe, Geotab, and 2019 Fleet Europe Awards for Fleet and Mobility Managers Jury President

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck